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To do:
2 comic pages for Retrofan191 on SF
June and Drew for NearTheStars
Spice traditional inked for ghost--scarves
Olive traditional inked for ghost--scarves

Waiting for:
Lily and Alex by NearTheStars
Loja, Tuloom, and Kalkro by xxspiritclawxx (paid)
Lily and Alex by ghost--scarves (unpaid, 75 :points:)
Lily and Alex by SilverGALAXlES (paid)
Lily and Alex by hallethefox (paid)

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United States
My name is Elyse, but my internet nickname is Erudi, so either one is fine with me. I live on a tiny little island with my wonderful family and incredible friends. I'm a passionate and expressive person, and that shows in my literature and drawings. I am sensitive yet bold, and sooner or later I'll figure out how I can combine those two qualities in a way that brings out the best of them. But for now, I'm just trying to sit back and enjoy the universe. :)
It's about time for an update.  I've got a lot to discuss!  I don't write updates often so I'd appreciate if you'd read this (or at least the parts that interest you), but I definitely understand if you don't feel like bothering.

First, thanks for the suggestions for Erudi's and Nelle's Halloween costumes.  I only recently realized Halloween is only A WEEK away!  I'm pretty sure that I won't have time to draw them, but I appreciated the comments all the same.
I'm excited about Halloween.  I like that it pretty much kicks off the commercial holiday festivities that carry us all the way to New Year's Eve.  It's nostalgic.  Plus, there's chocolate.

I just got back from seeing a show with my father called Fuerza Bruta: Wayra.  I'm mentioning it simply because it's on my mind.
We went because Dad found an offer for free tickets.
It consisted largely of arbitrary acrobatic feats, overwhelming strobe lights, and pounding music.  I was impressed by the performances and the energy of the actors; some of the ideas were unlike anything I'd seen before.  The show featured a "Man on the Treadmill" for a while who ran through different obstacles, and there was also a giant pool elevated above the audience in which some scantily-clad women splashed about.
But the different technological features were drawn-out and the randomness of it all bothered me.  It lacked a central theme.  I didn't find it very satisfying; it was only momentarily entertaining.
Here's a trailer.  The show was strange.…

Ebola in New York
In the news lately you may have been hearing quite a bit about the Ebola virus.  The Ebola epidemic has been spreading largely through a few West African countries, particularly Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.  It's seen to have various and serious symptoms and has killed almost 5,000 people in Africa so far.
Ebola can be transmitted through contact with an infected person's bodily fluids such as saliva, urine, etc.
I haven't been looking into Europe's story, but as far as I'm concerned, Ebola is everywhere in American media.  Some people are terrified.
The first case contracted in the United States was Nina Pham, a Texas nurse who had been caring for one man who had traveled from Liberia to Dallas, TX and later tested positive for the virus.
The second US case has now been discovered.  This time, it's local for me.  Craig Spencer, a Doctor Without Borders, returned to New York City after treating Ebola patents in Guinea, and yesterday (Oct 23) he was tested positive for Ebola.
Now the issue is whether or not it should remain only voluntary for returning doctors to quarantine themselves for 21 days.
Spencer is being taken care of at the Bellevue Hospital now.  Meanwhile, there are some news reporters in front of his apartment building as we speak.  I passed it about an hour ago on my way home from Wayra, actually; he just so happens to live only a four blocks away from me.

I'm not worried.  I think, as long as hospitals remain on top of it, Ebola won't have much of a threat to the general American public.
My parents and I have indeed gotten a kick out of the fact that the second place in this whole country for Ebola to show up is just a few streets over.  Gotta love this neighborhood.
I'm just glad Spencer hasn't frequented our favorite local Chinese take-out places lately.

The basketball season is beginning the Monday after Halloween!  I'm so excited about the season right now.
When I was a freshmen, there were three juniors on the team who were very cliquey and, from what I could feel, didn't care much about the freshmen on their team.  I never felt entitled to be with them.  I never felt entitled to be on the team.
Looking back at how uncomfortable they made me, I feel angry.  I didn't deserve to feel that way.  And their unwillingness to make friends ruined the structure of the team.
So now that I'm a junior and those guys are gone, I'm taking matters into my own hands.  I'm already friends with the basketball freshmen this year.
Sure, the three players we lost last year were some of our best and we're probably going to have a down year.  Sure.  But whatever.  I'd rather have teammates who are fun to play with than a team that wins.
We'll see how it goes.

Art Inactivity
My activity on dA will slow quite a bit now that the basketball season is beginning.  If you want, you should watch my scraps, because I'll probably be uploading more sketches and doodles than finished drawings for a while.

Owed Art
If you'll take a look at my to-do list, you'll see I do have art I owe to some people.
1. 2-page Sketch Comic for Retrofan191 on SF --  I have written the script for this.  My plan is to begin it tomorrow.  There's no telling when I'll finish it, but I haven't forgotten!
2.  June and Drew for NearTheStars --  Bear with me, Near.  I've sketched out a concept for the drawing but I haven't continued it because I feel as if I'll screw up the whole water-animal aspect.
3.  Olive and Spice for ghost--scarves --   I've drawn Olive!  I have to scan it.  Spice is up next.  Please be patient. <3
All this owed art should be finished by Thanksgiving!
Tomorrow I'll respond to the messages I didn't answer tonight.

All righty.  That's it for me.  Good night!  Hugs to you all.
- Erudi

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